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Professional sports gambler Douglas Watt reveals how you too can…

Bet Like A Pro

Professional sports gambler spills his guts about the insider “line” tactics he and other pros use week-in-and-week-out to make a killing betting on NFL and College Football games

From the desk of Douglas Watt
Re: How professional sports gamblers pick winners!

In the wild, the lion takes down the weakest gazelle.  In Vegas, the professional gambler takes down the weakest lines. 

That, my friend -- is my mantra. 

My name is Douglas Watt, and I’ve never earned a single dollar that didn’t come by way of a bet of some kind or another.  That’s right, I’ve never in my adult life held a normal job.  And why would I?  After all, I pocket some pretty serious coin every weekend...especially during football season. 

Let me explain...

Bahamas or Bust!

It started my Junior year at college.  I needed some fast cash so that I could join my buddies on our spring break trip to the Bahamas -- and there wasn't enough time to earn the money through my job since the deposit was due the following week.  Then it hit me...

My roommate's Cousin was a bookie.  He took bets on almost every college and pro sport you could imagine -- even professional golf.  But it was football season, and that's the sport I knew best.  Heck, I've been a fan since I was in diapers...I even played linebacker on my High School's Varsity team.

So I figured that if I could pick just one winner out of all the Sunday games, I could win enough to cover my spring break deposit.  I grabbed the newspaper and cut out the list of Sunday's games with the point point spreads.  I must have spent two hours starring at that list...debating back-and-forth with my roommate which teams had the best chance of winning -- or at least beating the point spread.

I finally came to my decision: Dallas minus three over Miami.  I told my roommate to call his Cousin and place the bet, $500 on Dallas to win.  Of course, Dallas had to win by more than three points for me to win.  A win by exactly three points would have been a push (which means no bet), while a Dallas win by 1 or 2...or a Dallas tie or loss would have meant a loss for me.

So here's what happened...

Any Given Sunday

I woke up bright and early Sunday morning all pumped up for an exciting day of football on the boob-tube.  I actually wish I had slept in a little later, as the Dallas / Miami game was the late afternoon game this week.  But finally, it was 4:15 and Miami was kicking off.

The first half wasn't say the very least.  Dallas was completely man-handled by Miami's defense, and Dallas was losing 17-3 at half.  The third quarter was more of the same, but there was no change in score.  But things turned around in the fourth...

Dallas returned an interception for a touchdown in the first minute of the fourth.  They then recovered a Miami fumble deep in Miami's territory.  They converted that for another touchdown.  The score was then tied at 17.

But Miami's offense woke up and drove nearly the length of the field to setup a chip-shot field goal to go ahead by 3 with less than 2 minutes to go in the game.  But Dallas refused to give up...

Starting from their own 20 yard line, Dallas was able to take advantage of Miami's lax "prevent" defense and get down to the 3 yard line with 27 seconds left on the clock.  I was bouncing off the walls by now!!

Miami stopped Dallas on the first attempt to rush the ball up the middle, but on second down...Dallas faked an end-around and passed the ball to the wide open tight end in the end zone -- TOUCHDOWN.

After converting the point after, Dallas won the game by the score of 24-20.  And I won my bet by 1 point...and booked my spring break trip to the Bahamas!

I couldn't be stopped (or so I thought)

The adrenaline rush from the win was unbelievable.  I just won more money in three hours than most of my friends earned in a week working fulltime.  So I did what any other college kid who won their first bet would do -- I placed another bet.

I knew the Jets were playing the Patriots in the Sunday night game.  I also knew that the Jets sucked, but I didn't think they would lose by the 9 1/2 points that they were being given.  So, I took the Jets with the points...but only for $250.  Hey, I might be crazy, but I'm not stupid.

Well, the Jets lost...but only by 7.

This was just too easy.  I was convinced that I stumbled onto something pretty lucrative here.  So what did I do next?  You guessed it...I bet on the Monday night game.

That's when my luck abruptly ended.  I'm too embarrassed to give you the details, but everything that I won on Sunday was all gone by the time I went to bed Monday night.

I broke the rules

You see, I didn't mention this earlier...but I didn't make my first bet on the Dallas game without doing some pretty intense research first.  If I lost that first bet, I would have been completely screwed.  So there was absolutely no chance I could afford to take a loss.

What I didn't tell you was that I had my own "Ace in the hole".  My girlfriend's Uncle Vinnie is one of the head-honchos at a Las Vegas sports betting parlor.  He's seen it all.  One of those "been-there, done-that" type of guys.

I asked if he wouldn't mind sharing a few pointers with me.  He did better than that...he sent me a sheet of rules that he says have made him a boat-load of money over the well as have kept him from placing some pretty risky bets over time.

Well, what seemed fairly confusing at makes complete sense.  What Uncle Vinnie gave me was really a set of rules that optimizes your chances of picking a winning bet.

Like everything in life, it's not completely guaranteed to work every single time...but it works MUCH more often than not.  It worked for the Dallas game, and it worked for the Jets game.

But, remember that Monday night game.  Well, I didn't follow Uncle Vinnie's rules on that one...and I lost.  Had I not been so arrogant, I would have done exactly what the rules stated I should do...and I would have won that bet too.  But I've learned my lesson over the years...

Fast forward 7 years

It's been seven years since that Dallas game, and in those seven years I've bet on MANY more games each football season.  Uncle Vinnie's rules have served me well, but I've actually adapted his rules...and added a few of my own.  Now I've got a system that's just plain unstoppable.

Yes, I do lose a bet every now and again.  After all, this is football...not science.  But, I can proudly say that I win enough every football season to last throughout the entire year.

And remember that college education I received.  Nothing wrong with it...but I've never needed to work a single day in my life.  Unless of course you consider picking football games working.

My system will work for you too

Want to know my secrets for placing winning bets?  Want to bet like me and the other professional sports betters?  Well, I've decided to share my system.  But to be honest, I probably won't do it for long.  I can't let this get out to EVERYONE you know.  If I did that, I might lose the advantages that the system has built into it.

Here's what I've done:

I've created a tight package that explains ALL the rules to my system.  Not just NFL, but College football too.  My system is not some puffed up, 100 page manual.  I kept it short and sweat, removing all the fluff.

With my system, you'll learn...

The two absolutely essential tools a football gambler must have in order to succeed
The real reason why a “line” exists (and exactly how it can effect the results of your bet)
Discover how Las Vegas casinos and offshore gambling sites really make their money from football gambling
What is a “line move”, and how can you take advantage of it
7 types of line moves for NFL games (and precisely how to capitalize on each one of them)
How to determine the best situation to “buy points” with your bet
The ONLY 2 times when lines are most likely to move, and why
Discover the “threshold numbers”, and why they are so crucial in your betting decisions
The NUMBER ONE rule that absolutely must be observed when the point move is 2 or more towards the favorite
The NUMBER ONE rule that absolutely must be observed when the point move is 2 or more towards the underdog
The 2 most common traps to watch out for when betting NFL games (making a mistake with either one could become costly!)
The one huge mistake all inexperienced football gamblers make, and how to parlay it into an advantage that will give YOU an instant edge (HINT: it has to do with the Sunday NIGHT games)
Why betting on college games is SO MUCH different than betting on NFL games
4 types of “line moves” for college football games
The insider secrets that professional football gamblers know about below average football programs (Easy money if you follow their lead)
The number one BIG EXCEPTION to the college betting rules (Could be disastrous if you don’t know about it)
What you MUST KNOW to succeed with College Bowl Games
How to automatically avoid 2 blunders that occur time-and-time-again in college football betting
...And much, much more – guaranteed!

As you can see from everything you'll learn above, my system is extremely valuable to anyone who gets their hands on it.  In fact, I could easily sell it for $100 or more...and you would win back your money likely on your first bet.

But I'm not going to squeeze you for your last dollar.  Actually, I'm going to make it super affordable for you.  You can get a copy of my closely guarded system for only $27.

You must remember though, I'm not going to keep this system available for too long.  So if you're serious about learning to bet like a pro, you need to download my system today.

Yes, I guarantee it

I know that you'll be amazed by my system the moment you read through it.  You'll instantly see just how much thought, as well as trial-and-error went into building such a quality system.  And because of that, I find it hard to believe that you would ever decide to ask for a refund...but never-the-less, I'm offering you a full money back guarantee...


56 Day Money Back Guarantee

Take a full 56 days to review my system and try it for yourself.  If for any reason at all you're not thrilled to death with my line strategies for generating more winning bets, simply request a refund.  I'll promptly and courteously refund 100% of your money -- no questions asked!

So as you can see, you have absolutely nothing to lose...and everything to gain by trying my system.

To download your copy of my system in pdf format immediately, click on the button below.

Once you purchase my system you will immediately be able to read my simple but effective winning system and put it to use within minutes.



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